To use these shields imagine a swirling upward of energy after saying the spell.

To attack vizualize (lets say a lightning ball) a lightning ball hitting the person. Focus on them. Vizualize the effect of the lightning ball also



Omni Bentidoct Ancile Thundora Luminoct = air and lightning shield

Imitatio Adigo Malus Obliquus Luminoct = all elements shield

Omni Bentidoct Caecus Ancile Thundora Luminoct = cloaked lightning shield 

Omni Bentidoct Apricatio Ancile Thundora Luminoct = heat lightning shield

Omni Bentidoct Imitatio Ancile Thundora Luminoct = copying lightning shield


Omni Maximus Thundora Luminoct = lightning

Omni Maximus Thundora Tardius Aevus Luminoct = delayed lightning

Omni Maximus Thundora Accelero Aevus Luminoct = fast lightning

Omni Maximus Thundora Penetro Luminoct = penetrating lightning

Omni Maximus Thundora Penetro Tardius Aevus Luminoct = delayed penetrating lightning

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